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Here at Golden Arrow Healing, based in SEATON, DEVON, I offer a range of therapies. Hypnotherapy aims not only at the symptoms, but gets to the root of the matter. It can help with many problems you may have such as weight loss, anxiety, depression, kicking those unwanted bad habits, fears, phobias, insomnia and many more.  I also offer energy healing whereas  I tune into universal energy from archangels and ascended masters, bringing in the healing where it is needed, clearing blockages, releasing embedded traumas and aiding your body to repair in its own natural way.


Joanna Young  IPHM

Personal  Weight management & Gastric Band Procedures
Dip. Past Life Regression
Smoking Cessations
Meditation / Mindfulness Facilitator
Reiki Master
Dip.  Reflexology
Hopi Ear Candles


A Little about myself

I am a fully qualified and insured hypnotherapist.   Hypnotherapy isn't a hands on therapy like massage, and it is not necessary to be touched at all.  It's about the mind and how it receives its messages and turns them to actions. All you have to do is relax and listen taking in suggestions, this in turn gives you that drive, that vision and that change you need. This therapy must be wanted for the changes to happen.  It's very gentle and you may be unaware  of any changes at the time, as these changes are very subtle and totally natural.



I found this new spiritual path a few years ago when I was at my lowest. My marriage had ended and i didn't know which way to turn. Someone recommended reiki to me which id never even heard of back then. From that very first session i have not looked back. I am now a reiki master and have learnt through many different energies given to me through healing others. My passion for helping others has no limits so now I offer Reiki with or without crystals as I also have qualified in crystal healing, plus since I have also found a real passion for the power of the mind , using hypnotherapy to aid in getting to the root of the problem. You too can get through anything that life throws your way, try it , if I can do it so can you ...

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Therapies for the Mind Body & Soul

In these toxic times, we can often forget to look to nature to find peace, balance and wellness. At Golden Arrow Healing my range of complimentary therapies are designed to work alongside mainstream medicines to help you feel better in every way. Based in Seaton, I offer free consultations, and affordable therapies to help you on your way. 

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