Reflexology has many health benefits...

-   Promotes Relaxation.....

-   Improves blood circulation and energy levels in the body by stimulation of the pressure points also known as flexi points. 

-   Relieves stress and helps with stress  management

-   Helps relieve pain in the Back, Neck and Shoulders, also helps relieve pain from arthritis.

-   Reduces and relieves Headaches, toothaches

-   Relieves discomfort from menstruation & Pregnancy.

-   Improves nerve functions

-   Eliminates your bodys Toxins

In addition to the above mentioned, reflexology can help to boost the immune system, fight cancer, clear up colds, sinuses and bacterial infections, correct hormone inbalances, boost fertility and improve digestion.


Golden Arrow Healing 

Reflexology is a complimentary therapy and is used alongside any advised treatments from a GP/ Medical Practioner...

Reflexology Foot Chart

Reflexology is a very subtle and gentle way to boost your system. A reflexologist will use maps and points of the feet and determine where to apply pressure. Each point of your feet is connected to a part of your body. By applying pressure to certain areas it sends an energy flowing through a persons body until it reaches the area in need of healing. When energy flows through it opens up neural pathways and floods the nervous system with neuron activity which puts your body into a relaxed state. Reflexology can induce a state of calm throughout your body and mind.