Anna Tidball

Had a reflexology today. Highly recommend this. Jo is very friendly and explains the process. Her therapy room is tranquil, relaxing and the soft music makes it easy to relax. Huge thanks Jo xx

Michelle Gould

Had reflexology done today and wow! Jo is so friendly and the room has such a relaxed, calm feeling to it. The reflexology is so relaxing and Jo picked up on my issues throughout my body which I knew about but didnt disclose. At the end Jo shared her findings with me which include my hip issue, neck issue and my recent sinus issues. Ive left feeling very relaxed and energised. I will definitely be back soon. Thank you.

Kate Stevens

 Jojo you are amazing, kind and an inspiring human.  Thank you so much for fixing me and teaching me the way

Amy May

Jo is one in a million, unique,funny, caring, and has a heart of gold.  I was made to feel at ease, comfortable and in a safe environment from the start till the end, she is very knowledgable,considerate and understanding.

Jo generally does want to help and will always go the extra mile. She takes the time to research, listen and adapt things to your needs. You can see the passion that she has and takes excellent pride in what she does.

She has changed my life in ways i didnt know was possible.          Thank you

Sarah Timms

Highly recommend Jo, she is a lovely warm person who is wonderful to be around. My family and I have seen Jo for hypnotherapy and reiki with great success helping insomnia and assisting my son to cope with ME. She is happy to research an unfamiliar subject and puts so much love and energy into her work.


Smoking Cessations...I had hypnotherapy for giving up smoking 7-8 weeks ago and havent looked back since. Jo made me feel comfortable straight away which I was grateful for as I was very apprehensive. I cant say I havent put on weight because I have but Jo could always do a hypnotic gastric band later if I need it. thanks Jo...

 Suzanne Alexander

Had a Hopi ear candling treatment this morning which also included a face massage. My hearing has improved and ears are far more comfortable. A very gentle treatment compared to having your ears syringed. Jo is warm and friendly which made for a very relaxing experience.

Mary Wood

Enjoyed a wonderful, relaxing reiki session with Jo this morning. She is very perceptive and was soon unblocking and clearing my ' bad bits ' of which there are many! I feel better in myself and my joints are less stiff. She also affirmed that after much soul searching and many challenges on my part, I am finally on the right path. So thank you Jo, well worth the visit.

Karin Persson

I have tried ear candles, reiki healing and hypnotherapy with Golden Arrow Healing and all has been ultra professional and sympathetic. Each session was well prepared and I feel I have been listened to and explained to in such a calm way it has put me at ease and left me open to take on board these alternative treatments. Thank you...

Karin Persson 

Joanna listened to my story of post op nerve pain in my feet that just didnt go away. Amitryptaline from doctors was not really a road I wanted to travel and cbd oil was a better option !! One session of hypnotherapy with Joanna has kept pain at bay now for 3 weeks plus !! It is just amazing and all was conducted with research and total professionalism !! Will recommend this option for a great fix !! Thanks a million


Hypnotic Gastric Band...Having never been hypnotised before I had no idea what to expect. Jo put me at ease and reassured me I would be fine.  I thought I would not know anything that was going on, quite wrong. I heard Jo speaking very quietly and with soft music playing. I was completely relaxed. When I was told to open my eyes on the count of 5 I did so and felt quite normal with a lovely feeling of calm and wanting a drink of water. Definitely recommend Jo.