Reiki is a japanese word meaning universal life force.  It's a technique whereas the therapist channels energy into the patient by means of touch, this activates the healing process of the patients body and restores physical and emotional well being.

Reiki is non religious and can be accepted by anyone.  It is not connected to any religion or cult and does not involve massage therapy.  Reiki clears the whole energy system releasing toxins on all levels thus unblocking, readjusting and rebalancing the whole body mind and soul.  Those with longstanding problems may need several sessions to restore equilibrium. Clients may not immediately lose their symptoms, this may be because the reiki is working on different levels to heal in whatever order is necessary for the highest good of the client.  

Reiki is an intelligent energy and channelled correctly will help give balance and a positive flow to the mind and body. It restores natural balance and polarities in the body, also providing relaxation. It works on the cause and not just the symptoms.

We all have to remember there maybe lessons still to be learnt or karma to be addressed.

It is a gentle  'hands on' technique which brings wholeness to both the receiver and the giver.

It is non invasive and will only bring to the surface what can be faced.  Receiving reiki will help transmute aches and pains, illness and disease and is safe to use on everyone including children and pregnant women.