You need to feel that the therapist you are seeing is someone you can trust.

Feeling that the therapist truly recognises, accepts and does not judge you is immensely powerful. Having acknowledged you in your current situation, Joanna can introduce tools to enable and assist you to move on or make changes.


Hypnosis, visualisation, imagery, relaxation, self hypnosis and NLP techniques are wonderful tools in psychotherapy or counselling. Hypnotherapy uses these tools nationalistically and effectively.

Hypnosis, or trance, feels wonderful. It is completely natural and will feel very familiar.

We have so many more resources, qualities and abilities than we consciously realise.  We are so much more creative, inventive and imaginative than we think we are.   In hypnosis, you will be ‘in control’ at all times and able to snap out of your trance, should you so choose, whenever you want to.  In this way, you can see that no-one can hypnotise you – it is always your choice.

Hypnosis feels natural and familiar.  Think of times when you have been half awake/half asleep before you go to sleep or wake up. You may be dreaming, but at the same time aware that you are dreaming; simply more interested in focusing on the dream rather than on any external sounds or impressions.

What will happen is that you will be enabled to make that choice and to use all these lovely facilities more easily for yourself.

Then there is that sometimes alarming experience when you have realised that you have been entirely unaware of the last stretch of motorway you have driven along. Incidentally – be reassured – if anything happens when you are in such a trance that requires your attention, you will instantly switch from your inner landscape to whatever it is that needs your full attention.

You can also recall times of apparently aimless daydreaming. Yet it has often been at those times that you’ve had great ideas or have found solutions.

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